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Create lifelong fans out of your customers and followers with a modern, hosted, online community from Groupy

Not your old man’s forum software

Great looking user generated content. AI powered moderation tools. Email and landing page creators. Groupy’s got it all and then some.

Four unique types of content

With quick posts, articles, questions and events, Groupy brings communities to life with dynamic content

Sentiment analysis

Groupy analyzes the sentiment of your community and gives you tools to automate moderation

Email marketing

Groupy makes it easy to keep in touch with community members via its email campaign creator

Landing pages

With Groupy you can create beautiful, responsive landing pages for new community initiatives, contests, etc

Responsive design

Groupy was built with mobile in mind so you can be sure everything will look great on both desktop and mobile

Powerful analytics

Groupy gives you robust reporting and smartly calls your attention to spikes in trending activity

Why Groupy?

Online communities have been around since the beginning of the internet. Connecting online is in the internet’s bones.

But, partly because of this early success, Silicon Valley stopped investing in new community technology, and instead started pouring money into ad supported, data harvesting, privacy wrecking social media.

And, over the last decade, businesses starting leaving their old, languishing community platforms, hoping that social media would take care of them out of the goodness of its greedy corporate heart.

Instead, as we all know now the opposite happened, and today as millions of users flee social media for a more private and personal experience, businesses are left wanting to do the same, but with no community they can still call their own.

After 5 years building online communities for the Fortune 500, I decided to bring innovation back to the online community with Groupy.

Groupy is a modern, hosted, online community for small to medium-sized businesses built from the ground up to do the things the old communities can’t and look amazing doing them. I hope you like it.

Adam Howell, Founder of Groupy

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